Other work, weird projects, side projects, and proof of concept tech demos

COVID contact tracing website

Eight Dollars

Browser extension that helps differentiate between real, and fake verified Twitter users. Featured on The Verge, Engadget, and Gizmodo.

status page demonstration


Simple website that has helped 100,000+ New Zealanders find COVID-19 vaccinations nationwide. Designed and built in response to the global pandemic.

Logo of the Terrible Ideas hackathon

Terrible Hack

The Terrible Ideas hackathon is a 46-hour challenge to create the most terrible, awful, brilliant ideas you can think of.

COVID contact tracing website

Fruit Tax

Proof of concept shopping tech demo that raises the prices of products while you aren't looking. Uses your Webcam.

Ligma screenshot


Shitty clone of Figma post-Adobe acquisition that resets your work every 90 seconds. Has been used by over 7400 users.

online VR game with evil grumpy space cats

Pew Pew VR

Mobile VR game where you make PEW PEW noises with your mouth to play. Available on the Play Store. Built to play with the unity microphone API at the KiwiJam 2019 Game Jam.

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COVID contact tracing website


Proof of concept prototype that uses payment data to perform COVID-19 contact tracing. Built as part of the GovHack 2021 Open Data Hackathon.

status page demonstration

Check On

Emergency dashboard that keeps communities informed. It aggregates data from public and private data sources. Built to learn about public datasets for the GovHack 2020 hackathon.

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a swearing robot monkey that takes away $5 of your money every time you swear


Swear jar that transfers $5 into your savings account every time your device hears you swear. Built to experiment with banking APIs for the 2019 BankEngine Hackathon.

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online multiplayer game

Quick Maths

40-player educational multiplayer math deathmatch in the browser. Built to learn about Websockets and the Canvas API at the KiwiJam 2020 Game Jam

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Anti Adblocking technology

Webcam Anti-Adblocker

Working browser implementation of the adblocker from the Black Mirror TV Show. Uses your webcam to tell you to keep watching ads if you stop watching.

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Virtual reality musical instrument

Matter VR

Unity VR experience where you make music with gestural hand controls using a Leap Motion sensor. Built as an excuse to experiment with hand tracking systems and VR.

Source Code

Random technology slot machine

Spicy Hack

Sadistic random tech stack generator used to increase hackathon difficulty for veteran developers.

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Political data register

Hello Politician

Public political disclosure data register put together by scraping PDF files. Built as an excuse to play with govt data for the GovHack 2019 hackathon.

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Rental data heatmap


Rental affordability heatmap created by crunching MBIE government data.

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Attention protection system


Senpai is a simple website blocker that helps you study. Used to learn more about Chrome APIs.

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augmented reality prototype


Augmented Reality bus stop finder built with Unity and Google ARCore. Built at an NZTA Government Hackathon to learn more about Unity AR Tooling.

Learn more about Zappy

Eye test prototype


NZTA hackathon project exploring the driver licensing process and how to improve it. Included experiments with eyesight checking features through the browser Webcam API

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Website of a women's technology charity

She Sharp

Charity website design + dev work for a group serving the next generation of women in tech called She Sharp. Lots of Wordpress, CSS and PHP hackery.

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website of a boatbuilding charity

NZ Traditional
Boatbuilding School

Charity website design + dev work for a traditional boatbuilding school. Lots of Wordpress, CSS and PHP hackery.

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website with charities on it


Datacom hackathon project that explored what charity funding marketplaces could look like.

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Virtual reality foreign exchange data visualization

VR Forex Prototype

Unity VR Data visualization of forex data pulled from the Yahoo finance API

Source code

Virtual reality traffic demo

VR Traffic Prototype

Unity VR data visualization of traffic data over time.

Source Code

Art exhibit with cubes of various colors


Interactive art exhibit built with Unity and Microsoft Kinect SDKs.

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