About Me

I’m a cross-functional designer with 7+ years of experience.

I like solving problems, by making things with people. I’ve worked everywhere between ux research, product design, and frontend engineering to deliver real working products that actually help people. All of this in organisations from big to small.

My past work ranges from making big multinational corporates lots of money through the targeted design, testing, and implementation of simple consumer-facing usability + accessibility improvements, all the way to helping b2b SaaS startups reduce churn, and get new features to market quickly through the delivery of simultaneous research, design, and code deliverables.

When I put my UX engineering hat on, I thoroughly understand the little nuances of design and engineering collaboration. It saves a lot of time!

I’m the kind of designer that knows that using margin instead of padding in your components means that users are going to have a bad time on tablets and mobile devices because it often shrinks the effective touchable tap target area, making your app harder to interact with.

I'm the kind of engineer that understands the limitations and tradeoffs between unmoderated user research with a figma prototype, and moderated usability testing with a static react prototype without a backend. users cant input text into figma prototypes, and this skews results especially with forms and wizards that explicitly depend on accurate user input.

My guiding belief is that if you don’t deliver useful, impactful outcomes for your users, your company and team haven’t earned your social license to operate.

I am currently a design lead at Infinity Studio, and volunteer my spare time designing and building things at haxx.nz

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