Walter Lim is a designer from New Zealand.

He works somewhere between design, code, and lots of experimental crap to make things that help people.
Currently working on an open-sauce volunteering platform.

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Voluntarily — Bringing together industry, schools, and skilled volunteers to improve STEM education in schools.

Voluntarily is a platform that connects skilled volunteer time with classrooms to teach science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, arts and design in schools. I am currently responsible for product design, frontend development, brand, and marketing. The platform officially launches late 2020.

    Role: Design Lead (Jan 2019 → Now)
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UbiQuity — Enabling marketers to target millions of customers and touchpoints across multiple channels.

UbiQuity is a marketing automation platform. It sends emails, texts, push notifications, forms, surveys, chatbot messages, etc to customers on behalf of companies you interact with daily. I led the design of new features, designed platform usability improvements, and transitioned the design team from Photoshop to Sketch + Abstract.

    Role: UX Designer
    Date: Nov 2017 → Jan 2019

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Qrious — Helping local government and engineering firms serve local communities by automating analytics & big data workflows.

Qrious helps organisations utilize spatial information to create human-friendly insights into how people use the space around them - immediately benefiting local councils, tourism, and transport industries. I supported data scientists and dev teams as their first internal design hire to ensure that products were better designed and built to be more usable for customers.

    Role: Junior UX Designer
    Date: Jan 2017 → Nov 2017

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Flatbot — Automatically sniping the best places to live for renters, and flatmates around New Zealand.

Designed and built a Facebook Messenger chatbot with some friends that would perform auction sniping on home rental listings. We did it to help friends who were spending hours every day trawling through sites to find a place to live. Peaked at a hundred something users on Messenger, but ended up neglected as we explored other pursuits and projects. Discontinued mid 2019.

    Role: Founder, Designer
    Demo: Available on request, private repo
    Date: Dec 2017 → Jul 2019
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Mighway — Turning unused campervans into a source of income for their owners.

Mighway is a peer-to-peer motorhome platform that connects motorhome owners with tourists wanting to rent them. I was recruited to work on an overhaul and redesign of their onboarding, booking, and internal systems.

    Client: Tourism Holdings Limited
    Role: Product Design Intern
    Date: Mar 2016 → Jan 2017

Misc Projects & Hacky Hacky Hackathon Stuff

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