Hi! I'm Walter, a designer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I spend my time between research, design, code, and lots of weird tech to ship things that help people.

Currently designing inventory system stuff at Cin7.

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Featured work & projects

Cin7 Demo


Omnichannel Inventory Systems
Nov 2020 → Now

Designing systems that make it easier for businesses to sell stuff simultaneously across large retail chains, online marketplaces and generally everywhere.

Currently juggling. Setting up a design system and DesignOps, looking after a couple of new projects, and mentoring other designers. UX Design / Design Systems / Frontend Development

Samsung Demo

Samsung Electronics NZ

Ecommerce UX
Aug 2020 → Nov 2020

Contracted to work on various projects. Designed UX & usability improvements. Implemented projects leading to a 64% YoY increase in NZ ecommerce traffic.
Bulk of work under NDA.

UX Design / Frontend Development / Redacted

vaxx Demo


COVID Vaccination Finder
Sep 2021 → Now

→ Live website
→ Case study

Vaxx.nz is a website that has helped 90,000+ people find COVID vaccinations to date. Responsible for Design & Product in an open source team of 60+ contributors.

UX Design / Frontend Development / Product Management

The Swiftly website in use


Online Store Builder
Apr 2020 → Now

→ swiftly.nz
→ Case study

Swiftly is a simple web app that helps small stores start selling online in minutes. Responsible for UX research, design, and frontend in a team of three.

As of August 2020, Swiftly has helped 1,000+ small businesses in New Zealand collectively earn over $570,000 NZD since launching at a hackathon on the 24th of April 2020.

User Research / UX Design / Frontend Development

The Voluntarily website on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet


FOSS Volunteering Platform
Jan 2019 → Aug 2020

→ voluntarily.nz
→ GitHub Repository

Voluntarily is an open source web app that connects skilled volunteers with classrooms to teach science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, arts and design in schools.

I was responsible for UX research, design, and a good chunk of frontend development on the platform. Trained junior developers and designers who contributed work to the open source project, and reviewed PRs on production code.

User Research / UX Design / Frontend Development

a snapshot of my work around ubiquity marketing software


Marketing Automation Tool
Nov 2017 → Jan 2019

→ ubiquity.co.nz

UbiQuity is a marketing automation platform. It programatically sends emails, texts, push notifications, forms, surveys, chat messages, etc to customers on behalf of companies you interact with daily.

I explored new features, designed platform usability improvements, and transitioned the design team out of the Adobe suite into Sketch + Abstract + Invision to speed up prototyping, testing, and handoff.

UX Research & Design / Data Visualization / Tutorial Development

Three screenshots of flatbot in use


Sniper Chatbot
Dec 2017 → Jul 2019

Flatbot is a chatbot that helps friends and colleagues spend less time for a place to rent. Performs auction sniping on desirable rental listings. Developed on the Facebook messenger platform. Responsible for design.

Peaked at 100+ users on Messenger purely through word of mouth, but ended up neglected as we explored other pursuits and projects. Discontinued July 2019.

Chatbot UX & Design

Data visualization work


Multiple Teams & Projects
Jan 2017 → Jan 2019

→ qrious.co.nz

Qrious helps organisations utilize spatial information to create human-friendly insights into how people use the space around them. Most of the work we did benefited local government, as well tourism and transport sector customers.

As their first design hire, I supported multiple internal and external product teams by improving UX processes, as well as facillitating faster design decisions.

UX Research & Design / Data Visualization / REDACTED

the mighway landing page


Campervan Rental Platform
Mar 2016 → Jan 2017

→ mighway.com

Mighway is a peer-to-peer motorhome platform that connects motorhome owners with tourists who wanted to rent their vehicles.

In my role, I negotiated designs between product, development and marketing teams on a redesign of their onboarding, booking, and internal systems.

UX Research & Design


Weird projects, side projects, and proof of concept tech demos

COVID contact tracing website


Proof of concept prototype that uses payment data to perform COVID-19 contact tracing. Built as part of the GovHack 2021 Open Data Hackathon.

a swearing robot monkey that takes away $5 of your money every time you swear


Swear jar that transfers $5 into your savings account every time your device hears you swear. Built to experiment with Google ML services, and banking APIs for the 2019 BankEngine Hackathon.

online VR game with evil grumpy space cats

Pew Pew VR

Mobile VR game where you make PEW PEW noises with your mouth to play. Available on the Play Store. Built to play with the unity microphone API at the KiwiJam 2019 Game Jam.

online multiplayer game

Quick Maths

40-player educational multiplayer math deathmatch in the browser. Built to learn about Websockets and the Canvas API at the KiwiJam 2020 Game Jam

Virtual reality musical instrument

Matter VR

Unity VR experience where you make music with gestural hand controls using a Leap Motion sensor. Built as an excuse to experiment with hand tracking systems and VR.

Source Code

Random technology slot machine

Spicy Hack

Sadistic random tech stack generator used to increase hackathon difficulty for veteran developers.

Try it out

Source Code